Association of Washington School Principals
Volume 1 – 2020-21
Simplify your digital life with the LastPass app. LastPass remembers all of your passwords across all your devices — and the best part is that it's free!
No more fumbling around for different passwords. Simply log in and go. Once you save a password, you'll always have it when you need it.
LastPass also touts strong password generation, dark web monitoring, safe password and note sharing, simplified online shopping, digital record storage, and more.
One AWSP member, Shaun Takenouchi, assistant principal of Ridgetop Middle School in the Central Kitsap School District, shared his experience with us:
“I love using LastPass. It is an app that stores and/or creates a password for you for all the different sites that I use. As an administrator, I am constantly logging into a variety of sites, and this app is great so I don't have to remember my username and password for all those different places. What I also love is that I can use it on all my devices (computer, iPhone, and iPad). Being that they are dealing with sensitive information, they also encrypt your username and password as well. It has definitely been a lifesaver for me.”
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Association of Washington School Principals
Washington Principal | Volume 1 – 2020-21