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Association of Washington School Principals
Washington Principal | Volume 2– 2021-22
We live in a world with a ton of great content and not enough time to get to it all. Enter, Blinkist. Their tagline is, “More knowledge in less time.” It’s perfect for curious people who love to learn, busy people who don’t have time to read, and people who aren’t really into reading.
They’ll help you understand books and podcasts in 15 minutes. You can read or listen and get the key ideas from nonfiction bestsellers in minutes, not hours. Or check out their curated reading lists based on your interests. They've also teamed up with podcast creators to bring you key insights from popular podcasts.
Whether you want to be a more organized or productive person, or a better leader, partner, or parent, Blinkist has over 5,500 nonfiction books and podcasts to help you get there. Learn more about Blinkist.
And along those same lines, did you know one benefit of your AWSP membership is access to The Main Idea, a service by Jenn David-Lang. It’s like Blinkist but just for education and leadership books. Head over to The Main Idea page on our website to learn more and access book summaries and tools, including professional development ideas for your staff.
If you’re thinking you can save a bunch of time AND get smarter, you're getting the main idea!
Do you have a cool app or feature that makes your life easier as a school leader? Share it with us!