“What's one way you're using student leadership to make your school a better place?” Back in October, we asked school leaders on Facebook, “What's one way you're using student leadership to make your school a better place?” Here are some of the incredible answers we received:
“Every morning our 4th and 5th graders read with our 1st graders. They read for fun but also track the 1st graders' growth and celebrate their successes and reading fluency. Our 1st graders love being with their buddy, but our older kids look forward to this opportunity be a student leader once they enter our school.”
Jeff Byrnes
Principal, Mountain Meadow Elementary, White River SD
“At Westwood our ASB sets a Culture and Climate goal annually. This year our theme is 'Better Together.' Students are working to increase positive social behaviors. Each month there will be an action to support the goal. An example is writing encouraging letters to our bus drivers who are helping to keep our school open by transporting students in our rural community.”
Erika Burden
Principal, Westwood Middle, Cheney PS
“We utilize our upper classmen (juniors & seniors) as student mentors, connecting them to freshman as part of a transition to high school and relationship connection.”
Brendan Johnson
Principal, Asotin High, Asotin-Anatone SD
“We have a student council that writes letters to students who have high absenteeism, that encourages students to come to school.”
Jessica Vigil
Principal, Logan Elementary, Spokane PS
“Pre-COVID, we would have huge turnouts to sporting events, band concerts, etc. In an act to revamp our 'crimson crew' (what we call our students who come support each other) we launched PRIDE punch cards. Our students receive a punch for every event they attend and support. We have had tremendous turnouts at football, volleyball, soccer, etc. so far! School spirit is at an all time high and closing in on where we were pre-COVID. Once our students get 10 punches on their card, they turn it in for fun prizes! We’ve done pizza, shirts, free coffee, and just did a drawing for back packs! The buy-in is crazy and the students love it! It’s the talk of the hallways. Prairie High School is doing amazing things!”
Manny Melo
Assistant Principal/Athletic Director, Prairie High, Battle Ground PS
“We have implemented some unique social-emotional supports at our school and we utilize our sixth-grade students to help lead this work. They lead breathing, mindfulness and emotional regulation strategies during our morning announcements each morning.”
Kelli DeMonte
Principal, Jefferson-Lincoln Elementary, Centralia SD
“We have kindness ambassadors. hey are leading our focus on kindness, inclusionary practices, and making great videos for our students.”
Stephanie Teel
Principal, St. Helens Elementary, Longview SD
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