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Association of Washington School Principals
Washington Principal | Volume 2– 2021-22
“Where are you finding JOY in your leadership?”
“I’m finding JOY in our new teacher hires. We had a pretty high number with many brand new and coming off of COVID-style student teaching experiences. They are amazing at building connections with their students and finding that balance of high support and high expectations. Feeling beyond blessed with our new hires!! They are truly game-changers. (Video response)
Jeannette Siemers
Assistant Principal, Cascade High School, Everett PS
“I find JOY in the way my students treat other students in the building even after they move on to middle school. They support and uplift each other in very special ways like running along side a student who has lost his sight so that he can be on the track team like other students. If they never pass another SBA -- they grow to be decent, caring and compassionate human beings, and that is the best "WHY" anyone could ask for. They bring me JOY!”
Barbara Pixton
Principal, Mullenix Ridge Elementary, South Kitsap SD
“I find JOY in the relationships I am creating with staff and students in my new building; with interacting with community members and promoting the positive things that are happening in our school; in greeting students with fist bumps and smiles as they enter the building; and in participating in spirit days with the students. Life is good!!!”
Mike Johnson
Principal, Hanford High, Richland SD
“I find JOY in my leadership when I see teacher leaders rise up to teach, coach and support their colleagues! Watching teachers facilitate PD sessions on SEL and restorative practices, and engage their colleagues in discussion is exciting to see (and much needed in schools today). I also enjoy seeing veteran teachers and newer teachers partner together around how to use data to inform our next steps across the school and within grade levels. There is power in operating as a team, and seeing my team step up to push and support each other brings me JOY.”
Paul McKenzie
Principal, Pioneer Elementary, Auburn SD
“I find JOY in the daily interactions with students. Whether that is helping them advocate for themselves, assisting them in solving a problem, or celebrating along side them. These are the interactions that bring me JOY!”
Eric Anderson
Principal, Wenatchee High, Wenatchee SD
“I’m finding JOY in having an amazing new AP who understands our focus of ‘Every kid, every day!’”
Dawn Wilkerson Harris
Principal, York Elementary, Evergreen PS
“New school means new adventures. I just became an elementary school principal and I’m having a blast learning about all my people-students and staff. We’re trying new things and working together as a community. I find JOY in every day!”
Anecia Grigsby Gibbons
Principal, Woodridge Elementary, Yakima PS
“The JOY is in observing the many ways my staff intentionally supports the children they serve. They focus on all aspects of a child’s development. It is truly amazing to see what they do for students and their families. The love they have for the profession and for students is evident daily. Proud of the Yakima School District’s Martin Luther King, Jr. All Stars!”
Maria Lucero
Principal, Martin Luther King Elementary, Yakima PS