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Association of Washington School Principals
Washington Principal | Volume 2– 2022-23
“In your career, what’s the best leadership advice you’ve ever received?” Back in October, we asked members on Facebook and Twitter, “In your career, what’s the best leadership advice you’ve ever received?” Here are some of the great answers we received:
“When I was an intern, I remember a veteran principal sharing, ‘Leave today ready for tomorrow.’ This is simple, but huge, and I share it with anyone new to the profession.”
Guy Kovacs
Principal, Kalles Junior High, Puyallup SD
“Early in my career, someone told me to remember that many of the challenges we face did not develop overnight, and it’s unreasonable to expect ourselves to solve or undo it overnight. It’s OK to give your heart and energy to it, go home at a reasonable time, and come back the next day to continue the work.”
Nita Hill
Assistant Principal, Ptarmigan Ridge Elementary, Orting SD
“My dad always said,‘Never ask someone to do a job you’re not willing to do.’”
Shannon Lockard
Principal, Ray Reynolds Middle School, Pasco SD
“There’s no good time to panic”
Katie Louie
Principal, Spokane Valley Tech, Central Valley SD
“Never forget what it’s like to be in the classroom.”
Jamie Blood-Stotler
Principal, Stevens Elementary, Aberdeen SD
“Rarely is there a situation requiring immediate action. Significant problems deserve to be vetted with those involved and thoughtfully considered. Who will this decision impact and what might be the ramifications of that decision?”
Nancy Faaren
AWSP Lifetime Member
“Before making decisions ask, ‘Whose interests are being served?’”
Ed Crow
Principal, Emerald Ridge High, Puyallup SD
“As a building leader you should never be afraid of doing jobs that are typically other staff responsibilities! For example, serving food, picking up trash, washing tables after lunch, etc! Model what you expect.”
Marc Gallaway
Principal, Selah Middle School, Selah SD