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Mentors Matter for New Teachers: Advice on What Works and What Doesn't Gina Yonts, Associate Director, AWSP
Often what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander. When we think about what works for teachers and mentoring, we often forget to think one step ahead about how this same information can support school leaders. If you’re interested in Principal Mentoring, did you know that AWSP is refreshing its Principal Mentoring Program? Check out our updated webpage. Learn more about how to request a mentor or sign up for our free mentor training. We are looking for leaders who want to ensure no leader goes it alone!
What I Know…
James Layman, Director, AWSL
Another tragedy. Another senseless act. Another experience that creates fear in our system. I’m numb. My emotions are all over the place as I begin to wrestle with how do we (adults) support our communities through yet another horrific and vile act of violence The answer is, I don’t know. What I know is that our communities deserve grace, patience, and love as we mourn, hurt, cry and be angry. What I know is that our students deserve to know they are loved, and worthy of love.
“The Best Learning Experience of My Career:” Why You Should Nominate a Great Leader Today for POY. David Cooke, Principal, Jemtegaard Middle School, Washougal SD
If you’re reading this and you know a phenomenal leader, please take a minute and nominate an incredible school leader for Principal of the Year or Assistant Principal of the Year. And if you are nominated, I promise it’s worth your time to apply. The program is so much more than just the prestige of winning an award — it’s a source of pride and celebration for your staff, students, district, and community. It was also a life-changing experience for me. You’ll find the letter I wrote to AWSP below. Not only will you see an experience of a lifetime, but I’ve come back a better leader for my school because of it.
Just Make Time To Be Chase Buffington, Director, Cispus Learning Center
As a parent or teacher, filling time with activities can be daunting. We could even say we overdo it, which I understand. I have two boys, and I want them to get a taste of life in every aspect, from programs to sports and different cultures.
Addressing the Pay Gap: Recommendations to the K–12 Basic Education Compensation Advisory Committee Dr. Scott Seaman, Executive Director, AWSP
AWSP has always advocated strongly for principals, but we've turned up the efforts to 11. For the past four years, principals and assistant principals across the state have seen workloads go up and pay gaps (aka wage compression) shrink. Some of your principals and APs reading this probably make less money per year than some of the teachers in your building. Even more of you might make less on a per diem basis. Between this narrowing pay gap, the massive amounts of additional responsibilities, and the 60-hour, 6-day work week (the statewide averages in our past survey) the system is out of balance. Good principals are leaving and future leaders are wondering if the sacrifices are worth it. We addressed these out-of-balance expectations and disappearing pay gaps with the document linked at the end of this blog post; it's our letter and proposal to the K-12 Basic Education Compensation Advisory Committee.
Legislative Update | "10" Things to Know for the 2022-2023 School Year Roz Thompson, Governmental Relations & Advocacy Director, AWSP
Curious what changes are coming via legislation for the next school year? Here's my summary of the bills that may impact you the most next school year, which started at 10 but ballooned a little more (like your workloads). For the full text of the actual legislation, the link for the bolded bill number will take you to the actual legislation. The linked text will take you to the bill report, which summarizes the bill in a much easier to read and understand format. Hopefully, you know WHO in your district is responsible for these programs (it might be you?) and HOW you can help influence them. Please send questions if you have them. Thank you!
Goodbye, Job Jar. Hello, Career Center.
David Morrill, Communications and Technology Director, AWSP
Goodbye, Job Jar, hello, Career Center. After many years, we’re retiring the old Job Jar as it was affectionately known. In its place, you’ll find a much more powerful and fully featured AWSP Career Center. With new features for job posters and job seekers, everyone has something new and improved.
Navigating Hot Moments Layla Jasper, Associate Director, AWSL
At AWSL, we are hearing the same feedback from students, teachers, and administrators across the state. There is tension at school. There are tough moments to move through in the classroom, leaving teachers and administrators feeling underprepared and students feeling unseen and frustrated. "Hot moments," a sudden eruption of conflict or tension in the classroom, can bring up an array of big emotions for people. Often, these occur when a student says something politically charged, may exhibit bias(es), or would be considered a microaggression. This moment can bring on feelings of uncertainty for everyone involved. You may not know how to move through it to interrupt harmful comments or behavior without escalating the situation even further. It may be tempting to let it go and not “make a big deal out of it,” however, as students voiced in our Student Voice Groups, not doing anything opens the door to even more harmful behavior. So, what can you do? Read on for five strategies to consider when faced with a Hot Moment in the classroom.
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