Association of Washington School Principals
Volume 3 – 2020-21
Inclusionary Practices Project
Shelley Moore Overview
Originally from Edmonton, and now based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Shelley Moore is a highly sought after teacher, researcher, consultant and storyteller and she has worked with school districts and community organizations throughout both Canada and the United States. Her research and work has been featured at national and international conferences and is constructed based on theory and effective practices of inclusion, special education, curriculum and teacher professional development. Her first book entitled, “One Without the Other” was released in July 2016 to follow up her TEDx talk hosted in Langley in January 2016. Shelley completed an undergraduate degree in Special Education at the University of Alberta, her masters at Simon Fraser University, and is currently a SSHRC funded PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia. To learn more about Shelley’s research, take a look at her graduate profile.
Building the Infrastructure for Inclusion & Equity
Building the Infrastructure of Inclusion & Equity in Today’s Schools
AWSPs’ Building the Infrastructure for Equity and Inclusion with Shelley Moore recorded webinar helped school leaders build and flex their “why inclusion, why now” muscles? This webinar was based around Shelley’s research in theory and effective practices of inclusion, special education, curriculum and school leader professional development.
In this two hour virtual session, we looked at what research and literature shows are infrastructural conditions that can support inclusion at a systemic level. Regardless of where communities are in their journey, this session considered the needs of both students and teachers as communities continue to make the shift towards inclusion for all students.
Leadership for Inclusion

Leadership for Inclusion Course
AWSP invited school leaders for five two-hour learning sessions. Our time together was spent listening, learning and collaborating to lead for a culture of inclusion within our schools and communities.
Five Moore Minutes
  1. The Importance of Presuming Competence
  2. The Role of Place
  3. Cheer for Peers!
  4. Show Me the Purpose
  5. Reducing the Barriers: Planning for All
Moore’s podcasts
  1. The Infrastructure of Inclusion: Presuming Competence with Mabel & Joanne
  2. The Infrastructure of Inclusion: The Role of Place with Jo Chrona and Friends
  3. The Infrastructure of Inclusion: Cheers for Peers! With Katie Jameson and Team Pahto (White Salmon SD)
  4. The Infrastructure of Inclusion: Purpose! With Fay Brownlie and The Pathfinder Penguins (Seattle PS)
  5. The Infrastructure of Inclusion: Planning for ALL Students with Dr. Julie Causton, ESD 105 and Riverside SD Friends
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