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Association of Washington School Principals
Washington Principal | Volume 3 – 2021-22
Let’s Talk about YOUR Wellbeing
Kaiser Permanente Has Wellness Resources for You and Your Team
Jill Patnode
Senior Community Health Manager, Kaiser Permanente Washington
Evaluation Criteria: Managing Resources, Engaging Families and Communities
To all of our leaders working in schools and districts, we at Kaiser Permanente want to say, we see you. We won’t pretend to know how hard the pandemic has been on you personally or professionally but we do know it’s because of you that schools stayed open and we all learned just how important the role schools play in the health and wellbeing of us all.
And, it has taken its toll on you and your staff. It’s OK to feel tired, stressed, hopeful, compartmentalized, fearful, angry, irritable, and happy all at once. And it’s OK, in fact, it’s encouraged, to talk about it. What an authentic role model that makes you in the eyes of students, staff, and your own families! It is going to take more than just meditating, eating right, or exercising to heal. It’s going to take all of us coming together to transform the institution of education so that it centers on the total health and well-being of staff and students in perpetuity.
As your healthcare champion, we are here to help. Here are a few resources you, your leadership and workforce wellness teams can use to strengthen foundational health and wellbeing practices and policies:
Filling Your Cup: Comprehensive Self-Care Strategies Curriculum A four-part on-demand training series packed with tools and resources to help school staff focus on their own well-being. This series is meant for all adults within the school community and is designed to be accessed individually or in teams. For the team setting, use this guide to facilitate follow-up activities to extend the learning and create a common language around staff well-being.
It is going to take more than just meditating, eating right or exercising to heal. It’s going to take all of us coming together to transform the institution of education so that it centers the total health and wellbeing of staff and students in perpetuity.
Ready, Set, RISE: Trauma-Informed Care and Educator Wellbeing Kaiser Permanente, Alliance for Healthier Generation, and Discovery Education partnered to create an innovative curriculum dedicated to revealing the truth about trauma, its lasting impacts, and how to provide positive solutions in moving forward from adversity. Complete Module 1: Trauma-Informed Care and Educator Wellbeing to take advantage of relatable content dealing with well-being and collective care for teachers in K-12 schools, including at the individual level, group level, and organizational level. RISE UP – Virtual Resilience In School Environments: Understanding and Practice (RISE UP) These 12-15 minute virtual workshops give teachers and administrators trauma-sensitive tools and skills to foster resiliency when we all need it most. Topics include: Acknowledging Trauma and Building Resilience, Survival Brain vs. Learning Brain, Self-Regulation and Cognitive Reframing, Becoming a Feelings Detective and Restorative Conversations and Long-term Resiliency. Rest and Revive Sleep Management Toolkit Help your employees get healthier and sleep better with this no-cost, six-week program. The toolkit includes a four-step model for launching your program, plus promotional materials to keep your employees engaged, focused, and motivated. Thriving Schools Integrated Assessment The Thriving School Integrated Assessment was developed for schools and districts to advance wellness and educational goals by incorporating health-related strategies for students and staff into school and district improvement efforts. Complete the “Cultivating Staff Well-Being” topic area to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement regarding policies and practices that promote the well-being of school staff and teachers.