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Association of Washington School Principals
Washington Principal | Volume 2– 2021-22
News Briefs
Update Your Member Account Details
The AWSP membership team would like to remind you to update your member account with your personal email address, photo, cell phone number, ethnicity, and any other details you’d like to share. Log in to your account on the website to make the changes.
AWSP Welcomes Two New Business Partners
Technology Access Foundation (TAF) AWSP is partnering with the Technology Access Foundation (TAF) this year to bring you the Race & Equity Leadership Institute, a Building Effective Leadership workshop. TAF's mission is to build collaborative relationships with public education to create access to transformative systems of learning for students and teachers of color to eliminate race-based disparities in an increasingly diverse society.
Lexia Learning Lexia Learning: Lexia is the structured literacy expert. Through a singular focus on literacy and a full spectrum of solutions to support it, Lexia helps more learners read, write and speak with confidence.
AWSP Legislative Platform
Released in October, AWSP's 2023 Legislative Platform calls for the Legislature to fix the pay gap, provide better job protections for principals and APs, remove all barriers for access to health and mental health services for students, and more. The platform states, "We are in a leadership crisis. Principal workload, increasingly unrealistic expectations, and job vulnerability are impacting current administrators’ willingness to stay and causing prospective administrators to choose other career paths. Research from the Wallace Foundation shows that 'it is difficult to envision a higher return on investment in K-12 education than the cultivation of high-quality school leadership.’”
Join the AWSP-WSPLEA Political Action Committee (PAC)
Our PAC needs you!

Our political efforts on behalf of the state’s school principals and assistant principals help ensure that we continue to have a voice in the Legislature as well as good working relationships with policymakers. It is more important than ever that we raise our voices and sound the alarm that the increasing demands and workload for principals and assistant principals are untenable. Join on our website, and please share this with a colleague. (Be sure to use your non-school/home email addresses when sharing.) We ask for at least a $75/year or $10/month contribution.
The New AWSP Member Handbook
All AWSP members should have received an updated AWSP Member Handbook in the mail this past November. The Handbook highlights member resources, including the AWSP Leadership Framework, School Leader Paradigm, and Evidence of Impact Tool. It also outlines our priorities and how AWSP works to support members like you. Access a PDF copy.
The Intern Grant Application for 2023-24 is Now Open!
The Intern Grant Application for 2023-24 is open and available on our website. The application will close on Friday, March 24 at midnight. You do not need to be an AWSP member to apply for the grant. However, only interns enrolled in a PESB-approved university program may apply (full list can be found on the webpage linked above). Only those employed by public schools/districts are able to apply; private school employees are not eligible.