Spring Forward
Time to Bounce Back
David Morrill
Communications & Technology Director, AWSP
I’m writing this column on March 14, which happens to be Pi Day (3.14) or pie day, depending on your reverence for math and baked goods. It’s a sweet setup for what’s ahead in this issue.
It’s also the first Monday after Daylight Savings Time and the first day of mask-optional school in nearly two years (schools were shut down on March 17, 2020). When it comes to taking off the masks, there are a lot of people breathing sighs of relief and a lot feeling great anxiety about removing masks. People will be all across the spectrum, just like people’s pandemic experiences have been as individual as the people themselves. Race, class, and location have all played a big role in how people have experienced the pandemic. One thing we all have in common though: we’re ready to move forward.
Things are looking up, we can start to see around the corner, and people are ready to bounce back.
Spring is a time of renewal and revival, and springs coil and bounce back. I feel like that’s where we’re at now. Things are looking up, we can start to see around the corner, and people are ready to bounce back. People look forward to spring for all sorts of things, from March Madness and spring training to blooming flowers. We’ve also got a lot to look forward to in this issue of Washington Principal.
This issue includes lots of great updates from AWSL, Cispus, and Outdoor School WA – all of those programs are bouncing back, too. We’ve got great stories from all around the state, including our cover story about making school a more welcoming and inclusive place for Running Start and skills center. We’ve got more about breakfast after the bell, great community partnerships building big things, authentic leadership styles, and the importance of knowing your immigrant students.
Our hope at AWSP is that you can also find time to spring back and finish the school year strong. Maybe it’s a couple of self-care days during spring break. Maybe it’s finding a few moments to plan ahead for the next school year. It’s important to make that time for renewal so that you, too, can bounce back from the pandemic.
Maybe that means writing about how the past two years have influenced you as a school leader. We have one more issue coming out for the 2021-22 school year. If you have a story, program, or practice you’d like to share, check out our submission guidelines and/or send me an email. Washington Principal is only as good as its content and we are so fortunate to have so many amazing submissions from all across the state.
No matter what the forecast, get outside and live like it’s spring. We’ve all earned it.
David Morrill is the AWSP Communications Director. He serves as Managing Editor for Washington Principal.
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