Live Text in Apple’s iOS 15
Apple released the latest version of its iOS operating system, iOS 15, in September and it includes a new feature that we think could be pretty useful to educators. Live Text is an update that recognizes text in images. Users can then search, highlight, copy, translate, and share that text. For example, take a photo of handwritten whiteboard notes and watch Live Text turn that blue and green marker scribble into a sharable text document. Or, use the camera feature live: open the camera app and use the Live Text button to recognize text in real time (on a sign outside of a door, for example). You can then click on that text to search for more information, share it, copy it, etc.
“Sorry, but I’m a devout Android user!,” you may say. Have no fear – there’s no need to give up your Android loyalties for a cool tool like this one! Try a third-party app like Google Keep, CamScanner, Text Fairy, or Text Scanner, just to name a few. Each of these apps touts similar features, although some come with a small fee.
Do you have a cool app or feature that makes your life easier as a school leader? Share it with us!
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