Remembering Annalee
In September, AWSP was devastated to announce the sudden and unexpected passing of our membership coordinator, Annalee Braley. Annalee had been a part of our AWSP family for nearly 32 years. She started at AWSP in 1989, when she was just 20 years old. She filled many roles over the years and always remained committed to our members and school leaders. Annalee's hearty laugh, sense of humor, and unmatched work ethic will never be forgotten. We received several kind messages and memories about Annalee from members and friends of the association. Below are just a few of the highlights that capture her unforgettable personality and contributions to AWSP over the years:
“Annalee was one of the most dedicated people I’ve ever met. She was dedicated to AWSP, dedicated to members, but most of all dedicated to family. Family was everything to Annalee. It was clear in all our conversations through the years that Crystal, Troy, Edison, her sister “Sis,” her mother-in-law, and many other friends and family were her world and her greatest source of joy. I will remember fondly all of our mom-to-mom conversations, her hearty laugh, and her genuine personality. Annalee will be missed greatly at the AWSP office, and her memory and legacy will not be forgotten.”
— Caroline Brumfield, Graphic Design and Marketing Manager, AWSP
“Annalee had a passion for her work, and the people that surrounded her work that was inspiring beyond words. Her dedication and commitment to bring her best day in and day out is something that always captivated me. As incredible as she was as a colleague, who she was as a person resonated profoundly. She cared about her family, and friends deeply, and she shared about them, her smile filled the room. Annalee is the type of person I strive to be daily. Her legacy and impact not just with AWSP, but the world at large will last forever. Annalee was and is a once-in-a-lifetime person.”
— James Layman, Director, AWSL
“Some of my greatest joys at AWSP were to be partnered in a Zoom chat with Annalee. Our conversations and connections about family and AWSP always lifted my heart and left a smile on my face. Her laugh was a treasure and her passion, commitment, and support of school leaders reflected in all that she did. Annalee has left an indelible handprint on my heart and the hearts of those she worked with and supported. She was truly lovely.”
— Chris Espeland, Inclusion Director, AWSP
”I’ll never forget Annalee’s laugh. Her attention to detail and passion for her work was infectious. How many people can say they left a legacy? Annalee can. I feel honored I got the chance to work with her. The questions she would ask always made me better. As passionate as she was about AWSP, she was even more passionate when she talked about her family. She will be missed but never forgotten.”
— David Morrill, Communications & Technology Director, AWSP
“My time with Annalee goes back several decades. My memories are full of a happy, positive, “can do,” optimistic person who provided such a great first impression to AWSP. I cannot recall a time when she wasn’t a vibrant and inviting person. Annalee wore her heart on her coat sleeve and was so authentically warm to everyone she met. As I write, I can see her smile, hear her laughter, and watch her dash about the office spreading cheer and joy to everyone.
Lost, but never forgotten. We should all leave such a meaningful legacy in our treatment of others.”
— Gene Sharratt
“I never met Annalee but we were best friends for many years. Every year I would call her up because I had forgotten my password....we got to the point where she had my password memorized! She was always so helpful and happy...I am so sorry for your loss.”
— Sherry Anderson
“As a past Elementary School Principals Association board member and president and as a past AWSP board member and president, I had the opportunity to work closely with Annalee. She was always such a positive, warm and caring person who put the needs of principals first in her work. I am saddened by her death and send my heartfelt thoughts and prayers to her family at this difficult time. They should know that she made a huge impact on me personally and professionally and that her enthusiastic smile and positive take on life will be greatly missed!”
— Le Fulfs
“My first real interaction with Annalee was just after I joined the AWMLP Board in 2008. She walked me through everything I needed to know and kept reassuring me that it would all work out just fine. She was right because she made sure it would be a smooth transition for me.
I always looked forward to seeing Annalee at our AWSP weekend meetings. She always had a smile on her face and her positive attitude was contagious. She was fun to be around.
She would always be the person I would first call at the office. I enjoyed catching up with her and I also knew she would be able to either get the answer for me or know who I needed to talk to because she was so good at what she did.
Her organization and commitment to support us principals was a constant encouragement of the role I need to continue to serve as I support my teachers and staff to support the learning of our students. She will be greatly missed.”
— Derek Forbes
“Annalee was the ultimate unsung hero, professional, but her sense of humor was always on point for curious principals seeking information in challenging times. Sad to hear this news, but heaven landed a great person. Hugs and prayers to all friends and family...
— Doug Kaplicky
“Annalee, you will be missed. You had a great laugh and a customer comes first mentality. You were a proud example of the AWSP Mission and Vision. All my best.”
— John Belcher
“My heart goes out to Annalee’s family and to all of you that worked with her. I never had to worry about AWSP, knowing Annalee had everything under control and always maintained such a positive attitude. She will be missed by so many.”
— Kathy Greenaway, NASSP Membership Director
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