Austin Taute AWSL Program Facilitator
AWSL and Cispus proudly welcomed Austin Taute to the AWSL and Cispus Team in July. Austin has been in involved with AWSL programs since coming to summer camp in 2011. Austin has served on various camp staffs including Mission Peak, Chewelah Peak High School Camp, and Mt. Triumph Leadership Camp. In 2019, Austin served a two-month challenge course internship at the Cispus Learning Center. Since that time, Austin has become an active AWSL program facilitator and a Cispus Challenge Course facilitator. Austin’s responsibilities include:
  • Supporting and developing AWSL programs and curriculum
  • Facilitating AWSL programs
  • Facilitating Cispus Challenge Course programs and supporting challenge course training.
We are thrilled to welcome Austin to the AWSL and Cispus Team! Send Austin a welcome email at
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